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Having originally trained as a Graphic Designer at Brighton’s infamous Art College, I then spent over ten years working as an Art Editor in London for leading Book Publishers, Mitchell Beazley and Dorling Kindersley, eventually becoming Managing Art Editor at Frances Lincoln Publishers. I travelled half of the world and then stopped in Sydney, Australia for a bit, where I was an Art Editor for Murdoch Books and Reader’s Digest. Since 2005, I have been working as a  Graphic Designer based back in Brighton, specialising in Book Design, Company Branding, Digital Design and Print. I have had great fun designing books on practically everything: ultimate cakes, little gardens, swimming in London, sailing, whisky, sex, cycling, pregnancy, vast gardens... and french diets. Also the fun of art directing challenging photoshoots; a cycling shoot in the Alps in torrential rain or arranging a croquembouche in a heatwave. More recently I have been designing more corporate work for local companies and schools and magazines.


The main thing is I love designing stuff. 

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